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Download Amaze’s autism accessible menstruation resources

  Amaze is proud to produce autism accessible menstruation resources in partnership with Cottons  and Family Planning Victoria. The resources were launched at Amaze’s Raising Autistic Teenage Girls Forum, a day ...

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Have you got your ticket to the Autism in Women & Girls Forum, Thursday March 21st?

On March 21, join psychologists Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Dr Janine Manjiviona, autistic self-advocate Chloe Hayden and Family Planning Victoria’s Vanessa Thomas at Amaze’s Raising Autistic Teenage Girls forum. This ...

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Let's make #Change4autism this federal election

The next federal election will take place in 2019. It’s time for the Australian autism community to come together and demand #Change4Autism. Amaze is proud to be a member of ...

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The Chase 'Governess' Anne Hegerty Opens Up: 'autism, romance and picking up social cues'

TV viewers know her as The Governess, a formidable figure capable of reducing people to quivering wrecks with her icy stare. Away from the camera, a very different Anne Hegerty ...

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Have you got your ticket to Amaze's Autism in Women & Girls Forum for Friday 20th October?

The needs of autistic women and girls is a subject we’ve been hearing more and more about in recent years. With good reason. Autism has been growing over the past ...

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Autism, pregnancy and motherhood: special report says women overcome 'systemic abuse' to become great mums

Amaze’s most recent polling shows that 52% of Australians have a personal connection with autism. Concerning, however, is that 70% of those polled did not know that the number of ...

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