Inclusive education: supporting school communities to thrive

Education is a human right, and everybody deserves to have equal access to quality education. For students with a disability, there can be many barriers that can make accessing education difficult, but we can all play a part in breaking down these barriers by taking small steps and actions.

It’s the small things that can make the biggest impact.

Funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, a suite of video and written resources have been created to help explain what inclusive education is, what it means for students with and without disabilities and the benefits. You’ll hear real-life stories from families, students and teachers who have experienced and participated in inclusive education. Plus, there are posters and social media images we encourage you to download and share with your family, friends, school and community to help spread the message.

These resources are a collaborative creation between a number of disability and youth organisations, and have been developed in consultation with families, students and teachers with and without disability in the community. We thank all the individuals and organisations who have shared their perspectives and stories throughout this project.


Education for all – Teachers’ insight into inclusive education

Education for all – a community’s experience with inclusion at school

Education for all – families sharing their experiences with inclusive education

Social media tiles

Click the ‘Inclusive education – social media tiles’ link below to download a folder full of social media tiles that can be used to help promote inclusive education, including tiles suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most social media platforms.

Inclusive education – Social media tiles

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