Autism friendly workplaces work for everyone

Businesses and organisations are always in need of skilled and productive workers, managers want people in their team who will contribute to their workplace’s success, and employees want to work alongside colleagues that they can trust and rely on.

Autistic people are those workers, team members and colleagues.

Yet, the unemployment rate among Autistic individuals remains disproportionately high at almost eight times that of individuals without disabilities. And for those Autistic people currently employed, many experience challenges in the workplace that don’t allow them to perform at their best.

Making small autism friendly adjustments to your workplace can make the world of difference for both Autistic and non-Autistic employees.

Just ask Steve, Rebecca, Jonathon and Christina…

Get started today on making your workplace autism friendly

Meet the faces of the campaign

Get to know the very talented faces of the ‘Autism friendly workplaces work for everyone’ campaign and find out why creating autism friendly workplaces is so important to them.

As an Autistic Builder’s Labourer, Steve is passionate about making worksites across Victoria autism inclusive. Steve’s activism in advocating for the rights of Autistic people and better life outcomes began after his son’s autism diagnosis. His contribution to the construction industry and his co-workers over the years has been significant, with many benefiting from his skills, knowledge and attention to detail.

Christina is an Autistic and ADHD mum of two neurodivergent children with over 20 years’ experience in specialist education and the disability field. With a Masters in Special Education, a Diploma in Education Primary and a BA with Honours in Psychology, she has worked with a variety of children and their families across a range of education settings. Christina has a passion for supporting and educating others through her own lived experiences as an Autistic person and parent, and helping to facilitate understanding and meaningful change within the community.

Jonathon’s enthusiasm, reliability and meticulous approach to always delivering the best service to his customers makes him an invaluable employee and colleague. A young Autistic man with an intellectual disability, Jonathon has undertaken TAFE education in retail baking which has led him to have a successful career in the hospitality industry for over a decade. His passions extend far beyond hospitality to include music, sport, movies and much more, including his commitment to the volunteering work he regularly does within the community.

Rebecca is a highly motivated and detail-orientated young Autistic woman with a strong passion for inclusive employment. Over the years, Rebecca has contributed her many skills and talents in the field of human resources and employment across the public and social sectors. She has also been the worthy recipient of accolades for her professionalism and work, being awarded Trainee of the Year at the 2023 Victorian Training Awards. Rebecca is a strong advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and is involved in several initiatives that work to improve workplace environments for Autistic people.

Funding acknowledgement

This campaign was made possible with the support of the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne


References: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018. 4430.0 Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings 2018. 

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