Workshop: Understanding the NDIS for Autistic Participants

Date: Wednesday 22 March 2023

Time: 12.30pm – 2.00pm

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Are you looking to build your understanding of the NDIS and what it might mean for Autistic people? Amaze is delighted to partner with Kim Henderson from Maroondah City Council to offer regular NDIS workshops tailored specifically for participants with an Autism diagnosis. Our workshops are free, online, and will allow you to hear from sector experts, and participate in a live Q&A with members of the Amaze team.

Kim and Amaze experts will lead you through all the ins and outs of the NDIS, with sessions and content spanning from “101 introductions” to more detailed topics. We warmly invite registrants to submit any questions to us in advance, and we will endeavour to answer them in the Q&A session at the end of each workshop presentation.

Who is Kim Henderson?

Kim Henderson has led a broad career in health, aged care and disability services, and brings both a professional and personal lived experience to her work. Kim currently works at Maroondah City Council and is regarded as an expert on the NDIS. Kim is passionate about supporting families to access appropriate supports, and is a talented communicator who understands both the NDIS and the experience of individuals and families seeking to access it.


Workshops will be held as a Zoom meeting. You will need a Zoom account (free) at Meeting ID and presentation will be emailed to registered participants 24 hours prior to workshops.

Using gaming to support collaborative skills and positive Autistic identity, featuring Jess Rowlings and Dr Matthew Harrison from Next Level Collaboration

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About this webinar:

Hosted by Jess Rowlings and Dr Matthew Harrison from Next Level Collaborationthis webinar focuses on the benefits of online gaming in developing skills and knowledge in social capacity, collaboration and positive autistic identity. 

  • Structure and design of games that support collaboration during play. What makes a game good for supporting cooperation and teamwork?
  • Collaborative skills that can be used during cooperative play. What are these skills, what do they look like, and how can we use games to support the use of these skills?
  • Social connection, friendship, and belonging through gaming and online communities
  • Safety using online platforms and in online relationships
  • This webinar will also include the launch of a suite of healthy online video gaming resources. This will be at the end of the webinar, and will include presentations from both Jim Mullan, Amaze CEO, and a guest from the eSafety Commission.

Jess Rowlings from Next Level Collaboration – Where every gamer belongs

Jess Rowlings is a qualified speech and language pathologist and researcher at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She is also the co-founder of Next  Level Collaboration, a social enterprise that runs programs to support neurodiverse children in developing collaborative skills and social connection through cooperative video games. Jess was diagnosed with both autism and ADHD as an adult, and is passionate about the use of digital games-based learning to promote social capacity and inclusion. Jess is also an avid gamer herself, and her favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo (SNES).


Dr Matthew Harrison from Next Level Collaboration – Where every gamer belongs

Dr. Matthew Harrison is an experienced educator, researcher and digital creator with a keen passion for utilising technology to enhance social capacity building, connectedness and inclusion. He has taught in Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Matthew is currently coordinating Autism Intervention within the Master of Learning Intervention, and is the Co-Director of Student Experience at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. His research primarily focuses on inclusive education and the effective use of digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. As a gamer, he has a particular interest in digital games-based learning and intervention. Matthew’s PhD thesis examined how cooperative video games can be used as spaces for developing social capabilities for students with disabilities and neurological differences. Building from this innovative research he co-founded Next Level Collaboration, an inclusive community for neurodiverse children that uses cooperative video games to build confidence and social capabilities.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

10 am – 12 pm AEDT


About this webinar:

This interactive, live presented session provides an introduction and overview of autism and how to be an autism-positive person.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what autism is, and the diversity of the experience of autism
  • Understand the social model of disability and learn the importance of strengths-based language
  • Understand what it means to experience the world as an Autistic person and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the Autistic community
  • Identify practical ways to be an autism-positive person

The course is a foundational awareness-building experience from a strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming and social model of disability lens.

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Supporting young autistic people with healthy online video gaming webinars

Online friendships can be more prevalent with autistic children, however an increased amount of time spent online in gaming communities may make children more vulnerable to being exposed to unsafe behaviour.

Amaze’s free online safety webinars educate parents and carers about the increased risk of harm for autistic children participating in online gaming communities. Our expert guest speakers will provide practical strategies about being safe online and building healthy online habits. Parents and carers will have an opportunity to ask the experts questions as part of each session.

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