We are currently running Amaze events as a mix of in-person and webinars.

A webinar is like an online class. It is done live, like a video call, and you can watch and listen to the hosts. You can ask questions at the end. If you want to join, click the REGISTER button on this page. Then we will send you a link to the webinar. 

On the day and time of the event you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Be sitting at your computer ready to start.

Step 2: Open the email we sent you with the webinar link.

Step 3: Click the link and follow instructions. The webinar will start. 

If you have questions about a specific event please contact [email protected] or call us on 1300 308 699.

Health and Mental Health

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Date: Wednesday 24th July, 2024

Time: 12:30PM – 2:00PM AEST

Location: Online Zoom/Workshop

About the webinar:

Are you looking to build your understanding of the NDIS and what it might mean for Autistic people? Amaze is delighted to partner with Kim Henderson from Maroondah City Council to offer regular NDIS workshops tailored specifically for participants with an autism diagnosis. During this free online workshop, you will hear from a sector expert and participate in a live Q&A with members of the Amaze team.  

In this session we will explore the planning phase of the NDIS, including how to create effective goals and a carer statement. We will use actual carer statements and participant goals as examples, making live edits and showing you how normal statements can be adapted to meet the needs of the LAC and NDIA.  

The session will be private and an opportunity to receive direct feedback, so we encourage participants to bring their carer statements and participant goals to workshop them during the session. 

We welcome registrants to submit any questions in advance to [email protected] and we will endeavour to answer them in the Q&A session at the end of the workshop presentation.  

Meet the Presenter

Kim Henderson has led a broad career in health, aged care and disability services, and brings both a professional and personal lived experience to her work. Kim currently works at Maroondah City Council and is regarded as an expert on the NDIS. Kim is passionate about supporting families to access appropriate supports, and is a talented communicator who understands both the NDIS and the experience of individuals and families seeking to access it.  

About Amaze 

Amaze is a leading autism organization driving positive change to enable Autistic individuals and their families to live their best lives. Through collaboration with individuals, families, professionals, employers, educators, government entities, and the broader community, Amaze is working to create an autism inclusive Australia. While based in Victoria, we have a national presence and are home to Australia’s national autism helpline – Autism Connect. 

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