Hoodie Up for autism

Since 2019, individuals, businesses and schools across Victoria have showed their support for autistic people by putting their Hoodie Up for autism. We’re excited that once again in 2021, the community will Hoodie Up to raise funds and show their understanding, acceptance and support for autistic people.

Why hoodies? Some autistic people experience sensory sensitivities and can become overloaded by stimuli in their environment; wearing their hoodie up means they can block out bright lights and busy environments which helps calm them.

By gathering together on 30 April 2021 and putting our hoodies up, we’re showing a little more understanding of how we can support and embrace autistic people and celebrate the diversity autism brings to our world.

Funds raised through Hoodie Up will help deliver vital support to autistic people and their families, including Amaze’s work to create a more autism-friendly Victoria. We advocate to ensure the autism community’s voices and needs are recognised in government policy and the media, break down stigma in the wider community through public education campaigns, and up-skill the wider world in how to support autistic people so they can fully participate in, and contribute to, our society. 

Getting started is simple: Click on the link below to register for a fundraising page and join the Hoodie Up campaign.

Join the Hoodie Up campaign

Social Media Tiles

These downloadable social media tiles will help you promote your #HoodieUp event online. 

Social Media Tiles

Hoodie Up Information Kits

Looking for tips or advice on hosting your own Hoodie Up event? We have fundraising kits below with all the information you need to organise a Hoodie Up at your school, workplace or even just at home with mates during World Autism Acceptance Month. 

If, after reading your fundraising kit, you have any questions, please contact Amaze’s Fundraising Manager on (03) 9657 1600 or email us at waad@amaze.org.au

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