Healthy video gaming: Supporting Autistic young people

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Many Autistic children and young people enjoy video gaming with family and friends. Playing video games can be an inclusive and comfortable way to connect and socialise with school friends. As a parent or carer, understanding the basics of video gaming is a great way to support the young gamer in your life to practise healthy and safe gaming habits. But it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why Amaze has developed a series of resources to help parents and carers better understand the world of video games. These resources cover everything from genres, parental controls, behaviours to look out for and practical strategies that can be implemented to promote healthy gaming. The four written resources and two videos are designed to help parents and carers build the confidence to support young gamers in their lives.

Healthy video gaming resources

Video gaming provides Autistic children and young people with many benefits that support their engagement in friendships, inclusion in social environments, and development of collaborative skills. These guides have been developed to support parents and carers with practical strategies to help ensure the young Autistic gamer in their life has a balanced, positive and fun relationship with video gaming.

Read the guides below for more tips and advice.


Healthy video gaming videos

Video 1: Tips for parenting Autistic gamers

This video features parents of gaming and gaming experts sharing their advice for raising healthy gamers.

Video 2: Tips from Autistic gamers

This video features four young Autistic gamers discussing their gaming experiences.

This project was funded through the eSafety Commissioner’s Online Safety Grants Program.

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