Autism Connect Helpline

The Autism Advisor service has changed its name to Autism Connect. Continue to get trusted and accurate information about autism and supports in Victoria by speaking to Amaze's Autism Connect advisors, open from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Autism Connect
Coronavirus Hub

Amaze will continue to provide relevant updates and share information so that you stay informed. Just like all Amaze information, the information we share on coronavirus is carefully chosen to ensure it is accurate, reliable and evidence-based.

Amaze Community Information - Coronavirus
Change Your Reactions

98% of Australians have heard of autism. But only 4% of autistic people think that others in the community know how to support them. It’s easy to make small changes to our behaviour that will help create a more inclusive and welcoming world for autistic people.

Change Your Reactions Today

Shaping the future for Autism

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