At least 1 in 100 Australians is Autistic and 85% of Australians have a personal connection with an Autistic person. Understanding Autism is a simple way to become more inclusive and open your doors to new audiences, colleagues and customers.

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About Amaze training

Build your organisation’s capacity to support Autistic people with Amaze’s engaging, empowering and cost-effective training. 

We deliver a range of structured and personalised programs for individuals and organisations involved with or interested in becoming more inclusive in their support of Autistic people. 

We will work with you to understand your specific needs and outcomes and will plan and structure a program that will progress your inclusion journey. 

Our training packages offer: 

  • tailored workshops suited to your particular needs 
  • consultative support prior to, during and after the training 
  • ongoing links and assistance on completion of the course. 

As a prerequisite to all our training, please complete the free online What is Autism course. This is available through our website, or can be uploaded to your LMS via a SCORM package.  

What workshops are available?

This free online course is suitable for everyone who potentially interacts or engages with Autistic people and communities.

The course provides an introduction and overview of autism and how to be an autism positive person.

After completing this short course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what autism is, and the diversity of the experience of autism
  • Understand the social model of disability and learn the importance of strengths-based language
  • Understand what it means to experience the world as an Autistic person and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the Autistic community
  • Identify practical ways to be an autism positive person

The course is a foundational awareness building experience and takes approximately one hour to complete all sections.

The online course is a self-paced program containing written, audio and video content and can be completed from all devices in one sitting. Please note that participants will not receive a certificate upon completion of this course. 

Access the training or contact us for information on how to upload to your LMS.

Please note, this is not an accredited course, and it cannot be used as proof of court ordered training. 

What is Autism live session

  • Hosted regularly throughout the year, you’ll learn important information about autism, and strategies you can use to support and engage Autistic people in different situations through these two hour interactive online seminars. 
  • Find out more about autism, and how individuals may experience autism differently from a strength-based perspective. 
  • Understand how Autistic people process information, and where support may be needed. 
  • Identify support strategies that can be applied in your environment immediately. 

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Join the inclusion movement

Become an inclusive organisation and see the social and financial benefits!

Email us or call 03 9657 1600 to get started on your inclusion journey.

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