A-Plus Employment Program Approach

The A-Plus Employment Program focuses on the workplace environment, aiming to establish sustainable and neuroinclusive practices, policies and procedures within organisations. This approach ensures that employees have access to the necessary support to perform at their best.
Our strategy involves providing comprehensive learning programs crafted through a collaborative process. We do this by offering evidence-informed learning programs that have been designed with Autistic people and organisations, ensuring that our programs are relevant, practical and scalable across organisations of all sizes.

Key Principles of the A-Plus Employment Program:

Creating A Strong Foundation

Our program aims to increase all employee’s awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism through the lens of the neurodiversity paradigm. This encourages an individual approach to supporting all employees to thrive.

Building Capacity

Providing practical strategies that support building neuroinclusion across every part of the employment life cycle, from attraction and recruitment to supporting performance and career development.

Empowering Action

We offer tailored learning and advisory services that support organisations to turn intention into meaningful actions. ​

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