Environmental audits

Bringing expert insight and a practical perspective, Amaze has helped many organisations become more inclusive and engaging for the autism community through environmental audits.

Autism and the wider world

Many autistic people experience sensory sensitivity – that means that they experience smells, sights, sounds and touch in a much more intense way than neurotypical people.

Things a non-autistic person may not even notice, such as fluorescent lights or background music, can be incredibly distracting, distressing or even painful for autistic people. 

It’s one of the reasons that 51% of autistic people report feeling socially isolated: just being out in the community can cause sensory overload and anxiety for many autistic people and their families.

You can help change that.

How environmental audits help

Environmental audits identify potential barriers and challenges autistic people may experience when visiting your space.

We’ve supported many kinds of organisations to be more inclusive through environmental audits, including museums, galleries, sports clubs health services, retail outlets, public transport bodies and local council venues.

Amaze conducted an environmental audit of Marvel Stadium

How does an environmental audit work?

In an audit, our team – including an autistic consultant – will explore spaces to understand what a typical experience would be like for an autistic individual. This includes elements like lighting, noise, temperature, seating, signage, decoration and safety.

This will help us identify what you’re doing well and what could be changed to create a more inclusive experience.

After the site visit, we’ll review your specific goals and create a report with practical recommendations that support autistic people and their families to feel more confident and comfortable navigating your environment.

Many of the changes we’ll recommend, such as adjustments to lighting, sound or wayfinding, will not only benefit autistic people – they’ll make your environment more accessible and inviting for all visitors

Make your space more autism-friendly

For more information on how to make your own environment more autism-friendly, contact our friendly team at [email protected] or call 03 9657 1621.

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