Managing your NDIS plan

When creating your plan, you’ll need to choose how you want your plan to be managed – that is, how and who you want to manage the spending of your allocated funding.

Managing your NDIS funding

As part of your planning meeting, you will be asked how you would like to manage your NDIS funding. You can select one of these options, or use a combination to get the right plan for you.

  • Self-managed
    This option gives you the most flexibility and independence. You will be able to engage non-NDIS registered providers, decide when and how the supports are provided, in line with what is included in your plan. You will be responsible for directly paying providers, managing costs, and keeping a record of purchases and receipts (NDIS self-management guide).
  • Plan-managed
    This option allows you to use a registered plan management provider. They will manage support funding on your behalf. You will be able to engage both NDIS registered and non-NDIS registered service providers.
  • NDIA managed
    This option allows service providers to claim payment directly from the NDIA when a support has been provided. This NDIA will only engage service providers who are registered with the NDIS.
  • Combination
    You can also choose a combination of the three options. For example, you may choose to self-manage one part of your plan to start with and have the rest managed by the NDIA.

No matter how your plan is managed, you should regularly check the myplace portal and your funding to make sure your budgets are on track. You can also read the Ways to manage your funding page on the NDIS website to learn more.

For more information

To find out more, go to the NDIS website or call 1800 800 110.

Contact the Amaze Autism Connect advisors on 1300 308 699, email [email protected] or use the webchat on this site. This service is open from 8am–7pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 


National Disability Insurance Agency [NDIA] (2021) Ways to manage your funding, NDIS, accessed 20 December 2022.

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