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Fiona Sharkie abc radio july 28 2018

My autism diagnosis as an adult: ‘It was pretty scary, but also quite liberating’

Thursday 9th August, 2018: Amaze CEO Fiona Sharkie was recently invited to speak on ABC radio about the diagnosis of autism in adults. Joining Fiona in the Southbank studio for the interview with Hilary Harper were... Read more

school Capture

The transition from primary to secondary school can fill parents and children with fear: here’s what you need to know

Wednesday 8th August, 2018: The transition from primary to secondary school can be a deeply worrying time for both parents and children. This resource is designed to help parents and carers plan a successful start for... Read more

Gaming game play video on tv or monitor. Gamer concept.

Video games and autism: helpful or harmful?

Wednesday 8th August, 2018: Video gaming remains one of the most polarising forms of entertainment. A quick scan of media coverage on the topic reveals a lack of consensus, with reporting on the effects of gaming... Read more

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition which affects the way that people communicate and interact with others.


What is autism?

What is autism?


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