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Bernadette Gigliotti, crop, autism and employment forum 2017 B-1-4

Amaze is thrilled to announce Bernadette Gigliotti for Autism & Employment Forum: book now!

Tuesday 17th October, 2017: Amaze is thrilled to announce that Bernadette Gigliotti, Chief Executive Officer of The Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE), will present at Amaze’s Autism & Employment Forum on 8th November The ACCE is... Read more

A close-up of a head of a Phrenology sculpture

Autism and mental health: the urgent need for more service and resources

Thursday 12th October, 2017: October 10 was World Mental Health Day, sparking a week in which we aim to raise awareness of mental health and bring understanding to the part it plays in so many lives.... Read more

Emergency vehicle lighting

Amaze CEO: Why our police must be trained in autism

Thursday 12th October, 2017: It was a story met with community outrage. Video showed Victoria Police officers restraining a child _ the boy doubled over on the ground as the officers held him down. ‘I can’t... Read more

Carers Week special: mums, dads write from the heart
National Carers Week (October 15-21) sets out to recognise and... Read more

Investigation into autism group home: Amaze responds to shock findings
Victoria’s ombudsman has found that a teenager who allegedly sexually... Read more

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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition which affects the way that people communicate and interact with others.


What is autism?

What is autism?


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