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An incredible relationship has developed between a girl and her therapy cat.

The incredible story of a little girl and her swim-loving therapy cat

Friday 20th January, 2017: For years, mum Arabella tried to encourage daughter Iris to speak. It was a tough task. Iris didn’t talk or impart. She kept away from other kids and declined to play with... Read more

lecture theatre 2

Ten Suggestions That Might Help Your Child’s Teacher

Thursday 19th January, 2017: Teachers do an incredible job. Standing in front of children every day, inspiring them on their journey to adulthood, requires deep reserves of commitment and dedication. The reality, though, is that some... Read more

Hermione: quintessential "aspie" girl.

Girls and women on the spectrum: the emotional rollercoaster

Wednesday 18th January, 2017: Dr Lori Ernsperger, a US expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder in girls and women, says many parents of girls on the spectrum experience an “emotional rollercoaster”. While they’re excited and celebrate their... Read more

Summer holidays and wandering can be a dangerous combination: prevention tips
Wandering behaviour can pose major safety risks to a person... Read more

What does spectrum mean to you? Comic busts some myths
Rebecca Burgess, a freelance artist and illustrator, is frustrated by... Read more

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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition which affects the way that people communicate and interact with others.


What is autism?

What is autism?


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