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Spectrospective: Stories of Autism

What did Spectrospective mean to those who took part?

Wednesday 29th April, 2015: Spectrospective: Stories of Autism – reactions from some of those who took part We always saw Spectrospective as making an impact on people who know little about autism. But one of the... Read more

Amaze CEO, Fiona Sharkie, left, with Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Lucinda Nolan middle, and Amaze Information Team Member Janet Bailie

Building closer ties with the Victorian Police

Tuesday 28th April, 2015: Over the past few years, Amaze has been working to build a stronger relationship with the Victorian Police Force, in a number of ways. Assistant Police Commissioner Lucinda Nolan has been a... Read more

Sensory friendly movies this weekend

Sensory-friendly movies 2 & 3 May – ‘Home’

Monday 27th April, 2015: Now also at Morwell! Sensory-friendly movies are great for people who have sensory sensitivities: House lights are dimmed but not completely down Sound is lowered Individuals may leave their seat if necessary... Read more

‘No More Meltdowns’ – Dr Jed Baker in Melbourne to help us achieve this
Dr Jed Baker is a world-renowned expert on social skills... Read more

World Autism Awareness Day – What’s Happening Around Victoria?
There are lots of things taking place on and around... Read more

World Autism Awareness Day – Bookings Now Open
Join Amaze for Spectrospective this World Autism Awareness Day –... Read more

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Directory of Services

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The Directory of Services is our in-house database of over 4000 autism-aware and autism-specific services, professionals and products.


Directory of Services

Directory of Services


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