Higher Education and Training

Autistic people can gain expertise, qualifications and ongoing learning and support through higher education and training.

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Post school education and training, such as through TAFE or university can benefit you in many ways. It can give you the expertise and qualifications you need to pursue your career aspirations and/or it can provide ongoing learning and support in relation to daily living skills and accessing your local community. 

Universities, TAFEs and other training facilities should be inclusive and make the adjustments you need to participate and learn. Some do this better than others. Find out if yours has an equity or diversity officer. Speak to them about any adjustments or support you will need to engage in learning, sit exams etc.

Let them know any other support needs you may have and ask them how they can help. For example, do they provide quiet spaces or extra support with support with transition, social skills, self-management or advocacy? Do they have a peer support program?  

We are advocating for a consistent approach to the inclusion of Autistic students across all tertiary settings, including workforce training, support and adjustments for sensory regulation, peer mentoring and meaningful work-based training opportunities.  


For more information

For more information on higher education and training, contact the Amaze Autism Connect advisors on 1300 308 699, email [email protected] or use the webchat on this site. 

This service is open from 8am–7pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


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