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Get ready to Hoodie Up this April!

Since 2019, individuals, schools and businesses across Victoria have showed their support for Autistic people by putting their Hoodie Up. We’re excited that once again in 2023, the community will Hoodie Up to raise funds and show their understanding, acceptance and support for Autistic people

Hosting a Hoodie Up event is a fantastic way to start a conversation about autism in your school or among your family and friends. This event will also show your understanding of Autistic people and raise vital funds to deliver support for Autistic people and their families, including work to create a more autism inclusive Australia.

Why hoodies? 

Some Autistic people experience sensory sensitivities and can become overloaded by stimuli in their environment; wearing their hoodie up means they can block out bright lights and busy environments which helps calm them.

By registering your interest below, our team will send you all the information needed to get involved in 2023.  

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