Amaze’s response to the Final Report

Priorities for Immediate Action

Of the recommendations that may have specific relevance to many members of the autism community, we would encourage the Australian Government to prioritise the following for immediate action 


  • An Autism Healthcare Capability Framework to drive education and training of healthcare professionals. 
  • A National Centre for Excellence in Autism to bring together experts and drive autism health research. 


  • A Disability Rights Act to ensure the perspectives and voices of Autistic people and their families are at the centre of all policy and programs that impact them. 
  •  Creating a legislative framework for proactive and positive actions towards inclusion and long-term systemic change.  
  • A Disability Rights Act could enshrine the National Autism Strategy in legislation. 


  • A National Roadmap for Safe, Quality and Inclusive Education to address the significant barriers to education experienced by Autistic students. 


  • Inclusive employment, with disaggregated targets to increase the proportion of Autistic employees in the public sector.


  • A national housing and homelessness strategy for people with intellectual or cognitive impairment, and Autistic people.

Is this also what you’d like to see?

Or are there other actions you think the Australian Government should focus on as a priority? Tell us your thoughts. Send an email to Amaze’s policy team at [email protected].  

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