Find out more about Autism’s Connect’s new partners – Empower Autism and Spectrum Space

Autism Connect has recently welcomed two new service partners, with Brisbane-based Empower Autism and Fremantle-based Spectrum Space coming on board.

Spectrum Space and Empower Autism now have Autism Connect Advisors working in their offices, expanding our network of Advisors across the country. Launched in 2020, Autism Connect has been such a success it went national in 2021. Between July and December 2021, 4.9% of all contacts came from Western Australia and 8.9% from Queensland.

Amaze CEO Jim Mullan said it was fantastic to have Empower Autism and Spectrum Space on board with Autism Connect.

“Amaze really appreciates their support and we look forward to working with them into the future.”

More about Empower Autism

Empower Autism’s vision is to enable Autistic people to live with confidence and self-belief. Their mission is to empower Autistic people to reach their potential through programs and services that are based on inclusiveness, self-development and self-advocacy.

Empower Autism Program Development Officer Amy Cramb is an Autistic person with a background in psychological science and is now also working as an Autism Connect Advisor, taking calls, emails and webchats from people right across the country including Queensland.

In a recent article, Amy wrote about her journey towards finding out that she is Autistic.

“At 24 years old, something wonderful happened. I realised that I am Autistic. Along with this realisation, my past experiences made sense. I also uncovered new understandings about myself,” she says.

Amy is passionate about connecting with other Autistic individuals to share experiences, provide empathetic advice, and offer guidance towards relevant resources and services in Australia.

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More about Spectrum Space

Spectrum Space is a bold, innovative community organisation tearing down social barriers for young people on the autism spectrum. Spectrum Space engages, challenges, informs, develops and expands skills, and creates opportunities for corporates and the community to join in.

Spectrum Space Social Group Facilitator Tessa now works as an Autism Connect Advisor at the Fremantle office, taking calls and emails from people right across the country including WA.

Tessa, who has a younger Autistic sibling, said it was important to have people who understand autism working with the helpline.

“My own family is well-versed in supporting a young Autistic person – over the past couple of years, it’s taken a lot of time and fact-finding to help find my teenage sibling services and supports that will help her get the most out of life,” Tessa said.

“There are a lot of great social support groups and services already out there, and Autism Connect’s mission is to vet, centralise and disseminate that information to anyone who needs it.

“I look forward to helping more West Australians connect to quality services, guiding them through the information they need with empathy and the understanding that it can be a difficult journey.”

Spectrum Space CEO Helene Hansen said part of her organisation’s mission is to “help build a community where diversity is so normal, it’s a natural part of everyday life”.

“Being part of a service that also includes advisors with lived experience supporting those that need it fits very well with that mission,” Ms Hansen said.

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