‘But you don’t look Autistic’

‘But you don’t look Autistic’

‘But you can’t be Autistic because you (have friends / can make eye contact / etc etc)’

These are unfortunately common comments Autistic people experience when they share that they are Autistic with someone. These comments are harmful, and can be interpreted as dismissing the person’s experience. The fact is, there is no one way to ‘look’ or ‘act’ Autistic.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental (meaning related to the brain) disability and doesn’t have any physical features. Every Autistic person is unique, experiences autism in different ways, and has different support needs.

This means that there is no one way to ‘look’ or ‘be’ Autistic.

So next time someone tells you that they are Autistic, why not respond more thoughtfully?  Thank the person for sharing with you and ask them if there is anything else they’d like you to know, or if there is any way you can support them better.

Together, we can all make the world a little kinder and more accepting of Autistic people.

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This information was produced using advice from Autistic people as well as the experiences of families from the Amaze community.


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