Events during World Autism Acceptance Month

National Gallery of Victoria quiet sessions 

The National Gallery of Victoria are offering sessions for visitors who could benefit from a quieter gallery experience. 

These exhibitions have fewer people and reduced sensory stimuli.

Sessions are available for the following exhibitions:


Sensory night at the penguin parade at Phillip Island

Phillip Island Penguin Parade is holding a Sensory Night.

This event will have fewer people attending and is a certified sensory-inclusive location, with professionally trained staff and designated quiet areas. Visitors can borrow sensory bags, equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget tools and verbal cue cards.

A social story on the Penguin Parade website also offers an opportunity to know what to expect and prepare before attending the night.

Date and time:

Saturday April 2, 6.45pm session


Sensory friendly movie screening for “The Bad Guys”

For World Autism Acceptance Day, Village Cinemas are running a sensory-friendly session of the family film, The Bad Guys, at select sites.

Sensory Friendly Films allow families to enjoy their favourite films in a safe and accepting environment with the cinema lights turned up and the sound turned down.

Date and time:

Saturday 2 April, 11am


Select Village Cinema locations.

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