Great news: NDIS compulsory assessments stopped

Many in the Amaze community would have read and heard the news that the Commonwealth Government has decided to stop its plans to introduce compulsory “independent” assessments into the NDIS.

This is a great outcome for Autistic people reliant on the NDIS.

It is the result of many, many community members and organisations across the nation working together to stop these damaging changes.

Amaze is deeply thankful to our wonderful community who have played a part in stopping compulsory assessments. To those of you who connected with members of parliament; did media appearances; were active in social media; in local networks; or who generously shared with us your experiences about how the NDIA’s plans would impact you … we say THANK YOU.

Be proud and celebrate. Your efforts have had real impact.

While plans to introduce compulsory assessments are “off the table” for now, government concerns about how to address rising costs in the NDIS remain. Amaze continues to be active against changes to funding for Autistic children that the NDIA is proposing. We are also involved in broader discussions about future directions for the NDIS.

Autistic people and their families care deeply about a fair and enduring NDIS – and together we must be ever vigilant to protect and improve it.

When done well the NDIS helps Autistic people to finish school, to go onto further studies, to work, and to have a better life. 

A NDIS that enables Autistic people to realise their strengths and talents is, after all, an investment that benefits all of Australia. 

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