Transition to Secondary School Webinar

Webinar Name: Transition to Secondary School Webinar

Target Audience: Parents of children in Year 6 transitioning to secondary school in 2021, teachers and school staff looking to support transition

Date & Time: Wednesday 14th October 2020, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 3.30pm

Tickets: Free but bookings essential


This webinar will discuss how to prepare autistic students for a smooth transition into secondary school and is designed for both teachers and parents. We will be providing information about ways that schools and families can support autistic people to have the best possible experience starting secondary school.

Some topics that will be discussed, include:

  • What is a good transition?
  • Communication between home and the school
  • Preparing for the transition
  • Developing a transition plan
  • Strategies to support student independence at high school

Our guest speakers will each share a unique perspective and practical advice and include that of a school principal, a parent and an autistic young person who has been through the transition.



Willow Metcalf – Autistic (Lived experience) speaker

Willow is a 19 year old university student studying Primary Education and Arts. She was diagnosed with Autism and ADD at 14, and an anxiety disorder at the age of 9. She found the social environment of school difficult and felt that it generally did not cater to her needs. Willow eventually left her first high school to do year 10 by Distance Education, before finally completing her VCE at a senior secondary college that better suited her. She has now gained her drivers license and enjoys playing instruments, video games, drawing, and spending time with her dog Ziggy. 



Anna Urban – Principal at St John’s College

Anna Urban has worked in education for 24 years across the independent and state school sectors. Anna has worked in a variety of provisions including alternative, specialist and mainstream schools. Her first principal ship was at Northern School for Autism.  She is currently the principal of St John’s College in Preston.


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