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Four autistic people in family of six: a lesson in the vastness of the spectrum

Jessica Offer, a contributor for The Mighty, offers some insightful thoughts on living with the spectrum: How many times have I heard the phrase, “She doesn’t look autistic to me”? Too many ...

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What does spectrum mean to you? Comic busts some myths

Rebecca Burgess, a freelance artist and illustrator, is frustrated by the way many people perceive autism. She has attempted to cut through the confusion by creating a comic explanation for ...

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Building autism-friendly environments: Amaze submission

Amaze has made a submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee’s inquiry into building inclusive and accessible communities. In Amaze’s submission, we advocate strongly for changes to our built ...

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Girls & autism: Ella's race for understanding

By Miki Perkins, first published in The Age:    First, it was the clothes Ella’s parents noticed. The little girl would tell her parents nothing fitted quite right; she wanted her ...

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Senators quote Amaze for World Autism Awareness Day

In a rare show of unity, political parties have come together for a Notice of Motion regarding World Autism Awareness Day. On Wednesday, senators Carol Brown (ALP), Rachel Siewert (Greens) ...

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Mum's photos of son capture "beauty and challenges of autism"

Photographer Kate Miller-Wilson takes photos of her son Eian every day. About a year ago, she began a photo series to communicate her son’s “unique and magical perspective” as someone ...

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