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Glossary of Autism Terms


Useful Websites

Links to useful autism resource websites and government websites


Poster – What is Autism

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Amaze Info Booklet

A booklet providing an overview of autism along with some practical information on where to get help. Ideal for parents/carers who have had a child recently diagnosed, for adults with a new diagnosis, for agencies, professionals and students coming across autism for the first time.


English 2017 Mandarin 2012

info booklet in Mandarin

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info booklet in Arabic

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info booklet in Vietnamese



Amaze Wandering Resource

Image of the front page of the Amaze Wandering Resource A resource created in 2016, written to support families and carers for people on the autism spectrum who wander.This evidence-based resource provides families and carers with guidance on why a person on the autism spectrum may wander, looks at best practice strategies in how to reduce wandering, provides information on how to access professional assistance and what to do if someone on the autism spectrum goes missing.

Resources from Other Organisations

Voluntary disclosure of information to assist police with communications This brochure provides information on the police database which records information on individuals with mental health issues and other conditions which make communication difficult. It enables the police to respond according to the needs of the individual.


Position Papers

Thees position papers explain Amaze’s view on some important topics.

Alternative Treatments m What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Having another diagnosis with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia
Alternative Treatments What is ASD Another diagnosis Prevalence
Autism Spectrum Disorder have a neurobiological basis Preparing teachers to teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Integration of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Is there a link between vaccines and Autism Spectrum Disorder?
 Neurological basis  Preparing teachers  Integration of students  No link to vaccines



Fact Sheets


Adolescents & Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Puberty and Autism 
“Friends” versus “Friendly”
Supporting Teens with Autism to Learn about Relationships
Romantic Relationships and the Autism Spectrum
Social Skills in the Workplace
Parents, Carers & Families
Sharing the Diagnosis
Information for Grandparents
Support for Siblings
Holidays: Preparation for Families
Celebration Time Survival Guide
Changes to Diagnostic Criteria for Autism (DSM-5)
Support for Carers
Questions to ask Service Providers
Choosing a Mainstream School
Questions to Ask When Choosing a School
Preparing for Transition
Sharing an Autism Diagnosis with the School 
Transitioning to Secondary School
Issues and Concerns
Puberty and the Autism Spectrum
Creating a Positive Environment for People on the Autism Spectrum
Behaviour Management
自闭症患者行为管理 (Behaviour Management – Simplified Chinese)
Sleep Issues in People on the Autism Spectrum
Stress & Anger Management
Toileting Resources for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Medicare & Centrelink
Medicare Benefits  
Centrelink: Turning 16 and Disability Support
Support Groups
Starting your own Support Group Support groups do a fantastic job
Victorian Support Groups Updated
Practitioners and Support Services
Working with a Person with Asperger’s Syndrome
Information for Healthcare Professionals
Puberty and the Autism Spectrum
Creating a Positive Environment for the Person on the Autism Spectrum
Behaviour Management
Stress & Anger Management
School Teachers and Support Staff 
Teaching a Student on the Autism Spectrum
Playground strategies
Creating a Positive Environment for People on the Autism Spectrum
How To Communicate Your Message To People On The Autism Spectrum


Individual Support Plans – find out more by viewing this video:

E-E Self Directed Funding from NDCO Victoria on Vimeo.