Resources for parents of trans and gender diverse young people

Amaze is excited to share its new resources for parents of transgender / gender diverse autistic children so they can be empowered to help support their child / children.

Our new resources were made to meet a growing need, with research showing that autistic individuals are more likely than non-autistic people to identify as trans or gender diverse.
The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne (RCH) has found that around 15% of young people attending their Gender Service Clinic have an autism diagnosis.
The connection between being autistic and transgender / gender diverse is a very recent area of research, so we are proud to be supporting parents and transgender / gender diverse autistic youth in an area with limited information.
Our resources include two information sheets:

To develop its information sheets, Amaze consulted with, Spectrum Intersections, a peer-led group individuals who identify as neurodiverse* and LGBTIQA, a parent of a transgender autistic child, and a non-binary autistic individual.

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