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Watch The Birthday Party: a film to help educators, health care workers and parents identify autism signs in children

Posted on 11 October 2018 under News

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This film has been designed to help professionals working in education, health-care and social services to identify the signs of autism in children.
We also think it could be a valuable resource for anyone, including parents, to gain additional insight into autism.
The film is designed to be a supplement to a training session. No background knowledge or training is required before viewing the film.
The film describes the signs of autism seen in three children at a birthday party.
The message of the film is that the same signs can show themselves in different ways.
Because of these differences, sometimes the signs can be easy to miss.
The signs can also be common in children without autism too so it is important to look for the pattern in which they present.
Two of the children in the film, Jack and Rhys, are boys and one, Amy, is a girl.
All are quite different and while Amy shows a different profile from the two boys, this profile is not intended to show a “typical” female profile of ASD; each child is unique, regardless of their gender.
No two girls and no two boys will have an identical presentation of the signs.

View the film here

The film was produced by the Wales Autism Research Centre.