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5 ways to share ‘Do One Thing for Autism’ on social media

Posted on 6 June 2018 under News

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Do One Thing for Autism is Amaze’s campaign to get the Australian public to understand, support and accept autistic people. Here are some ways you can help spread the word on social media.


1. Put the ‘One Thing’ frame over your Facebook profile picture and let your network know you did one thing for autism

This can be done by clicking this link and searching for ‘’do one thing for autism”.


If you’d like to use the frame on other platforms, you can download it here.












2. Write a post about the ‘one thing’ you did for autism and ask others to join you

This one is fairly simple. Write a post on your favourite social media platform sharing the one thing you’re doing for autistic people e.g. ‘I will not judge, tut or shake my head when someone’s in meltdown’. Don’t forget to ask other people to join you and do one thing for autism at

You may like to use some of the graphics in the communications pack or check here for all the ‘one things’ you can commit to.


3. Share the ‘One Thing’ Quiz on Facebook or Twitter

The ‘One Thing’ Quiz is a great way to improve understanding of autism on a number of topics, including difficulty in social situations, sensory sensitivity, and language issues.

At the bottom, you can share it to your circles on Facebook and Twitter. If you click the ‘three dots’ button, you can also share it on Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Share it on Facebook now or access the quiz here.









4. Get creative with the communications pack

Click here to access the communications pack. It’s got posters to put up at work, images to use on Instagram, and a prompt to write a story on your blog. Feel free to use the assets in whatever way works best for you.


5. Message the Amaze page with ‘do one thing for autism’ to get a random suggestion

If you message the Amaze page and type ‘do one thing for autism’, you will be given one of eight random ‘one things’ to do from the Do One Thing for Autism website. You can repeat this function as many times as you like.


This is a great, easy way for a neurotypical person to engage with the campaign, so mention it to a neurotypical friend, family member or work colleague who you want to better understand autism. Message the page here.



Why we’re running this campaign

Our new research looked at both sides – autism and non-autism communities – and backed this up. Australians are aware of autism (98% have heard of it), but only 29% think they know how to support an autistic person. And when we asked autistic people / families, only 4% thought people in the community knew how to support autistic people. The gap is big and it needs to be closed. Do One Thing for Autism is a banner we can unite under to change this.


Thank you for your support of the Do One Thing for Autism campaign, and your commitment to improving the lives of autistic people.