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Brickman Expo Offers Session for Autism Community

Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day with an exclusive session at the Brickman Experience, especially for ‘AMAZE’ members, friends, and family. Thanks to Ryan McNaught, AKA ‘Brickman’, this exclusive session is ...

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Sovereign Hill – ASD-Friendly Day – This Saturday 28 March

Experience the magic of Sovereign Hill in a comfortable, non-threatening environment – and receive 10% discount on Family Entry for pre-booked tickets. A big thank you to all at Sovereign Hill, near Ballarat, for ...

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Steamrail Special Offer to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day

Steamrail Victoria provide a fantastic day out on steam trains around Victoria. On Friday 3 April, they will be running two trips – for full details. To celebrate World Autism ...

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Amaze Launches On-line Auction with Charity Bid

Amaze has partnered with Victorian website Charity Bid to auction off some great new clothing just in time for Christmas. Earlier in the year Amaze was fortunate to receive a ...

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The Amaze Classroom – an Online Resource for those Teaching Students with ASD

The Amaze Classroom was featured in today’s Age – it is gives teachers a central resource on ASD – how ASD can impact the classroom experience, practical suggestions for supporting ...

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Full House for AGM – New Board Members Elected

We would like to thank all members who attended last night’s AGM in The Butterfly Room at Williamstown North Primary School. It was a great turnout to hear about the ...

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