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Autism, pregnancy and motherhood: special report says women overcome 'systemic abuse' to become great mums

Amaze’s most recent polling shows that 52% of Australians have a personal connection with autism. Concerning, however, is that 70% of those polled did not know that the number of ...

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TV quiz star's battle for autism diagnosis: so much more must be done for girls and women

TV viewers know her as The Governess, a formidable figure capable of reducing people to quivering wrecks with her icy stare. Away from the camera, a very different Anne Hegerty ...

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Girls & autism: Ella's race for understanding

By Miki Perkins, first published in The Age:    First, it was the clothes Ella’s parents noticed. The little girl would tell her parents nothing fitted quite right; she wanted her ...

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From the CEO: Females on the spectrum and the need for change

The needs of autistic women and girls is a subject we’ve been hearing more and more about in recent years. With good reason. Autism has been growing over the past ...

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Women on the spectrum, pregnancy and motherhood: My story

Lana Grant discovered she was on the autism spectrum in 2007, when she was 38. She tells Spectrum Women of her journey: “I was already a mother of five children ...

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Girls and women on the spectrum: the emotional rollercoaster

Dr Lori Ernsperger, a US expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder in girls and women, says many parents of girls on the spectrum experience an “emotional rollercoaster”. While they’re excited and ...

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