Hoodie Up

Join Amaze in putting your Hoodie Up to mark World Autism Acceptance Day on 2 April each year.

On World Autism Day 2019 more than 200 schools and businesses across Victoria showed their support for autistic people by putting their #HoodieUp. 

By gathering together on this day each year and putting our hoods up, we’re showing a little more understanding of how we can support and embrace autistic people and celebrate the diversity autism brings to our world.


Why hoodies?

Some autistic people experience sensory sensitivities and can become overloaded by stimuli in their environment; wearing their hoodie up means they can block out bright lights and busy environments which helps calm them.


You can #HoodieUp any way you want: hold an assembly, host a morning tea, get together to watch a  Spectrospective video… Just ask everyone who comes along to wear their hoodie (if it’s okay with your school or office!) and make a small donation to support Amaze. Every conversation can create change, every dollar can make a difference.

If you would like to know more about Hoodie up, please contact fundraising@amaze.org.au.

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