What does the Disability Royal Commission need to hear more about?

The Disability Royal Commission needs to hear more about how the mistreatment of Autistic people can be prevented, and how a more inclusive society can be created.  

It needs to hear from Autistic people on all topics, but in particular it has let us know that it needs to know more about the topics listed below. If you have any experience in these areas, or ideas to share, please think about making a submission:  

How to protect women and girls from family, domestic and sexual violence

  • How can the violence and abuse of Autistic women and girls at home and in other domestic settings be prevented? 
  • How can respect for sexual and reproductive rights of Autistic women and girls be improved? 
  • How can support services and legal protections for Autistic women and girls who experience family, domestic or sexual violence be improved? 

How to improve transitions from supported housing to more independent housing

  • What does good housing look like? 
  • How can the transition process be improved? 

Experiences of guardianship and supported or substituted decision making

  • What has your experience been like?
  • How could the systems that appoint guardians and substituted decision makers be improved?

On all topics the Disability Royal Commission is investigating, it has let us know it needs to hear more from these people in particular: 

  • Autistic people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities 
  • Autistic First Nations peoples 
  • Autistic people with experience living in group homes
  • Autistic people with complex support needs
  • Young autistic people (aged 16 – 25)

We will continue to update this page as we become aware of more topics the Disability Royal Commission needs more information on.  

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