On World Autism Acceptance Day in 2015, Amaze debuted a new film initiative enabling autistic people to be seen and heard by the wider community: Spectrospective.

This short film provides autistic people and their families a platform to share their lived experiences, and their ambitions and dreams for the future.

By watching stories from a wide range of autistic people sharing their challenges and triumphs, we can learn more about autism, how to support our autistic community members, and start working together to shape a better future for autism.

Spectrospective is proudly presented in partnership with Village Cinemas; the film is shown at Village locations across Victoria and Tasmania in conjunction with a special sensory-friendly screening of the latest blockbuster on their roster.

To date the five Spectrospective films have been seen by over 140,000 people and reached more than more than 4 million people through powerful social media campaigns.

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Learn more about the campaign and access the full video gallery. 

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