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Amaze Membership Program Changes


For more than 50 years, Amaze has been providing emotional support and practical advice to the Victorian autism community. Every day we hear that that more needs to be done in schools, workplaces and in the community to ensure that people on the spectrum are not excluded from participating in a world full of understanding and possibility.


Amaze is leading the way in championing the participation and contribution to society by autistic people.


Amaze is also working hard to ensure that people with the lived experience of autism are actively engaged and involved in all that we do.


And now more than ever we need more people to come with us on this important journey.


To ensure that we can continue to shape a positive future for autism, we are reshaping our existing historical Membership Program.


A final printed edition of The Spectrum Magazine has just been published and current Amaze Members should receive their copies in the post from the week commencing 28 August 2017. Further information about the existing Membership Program changes and the launch of our new Future Shapers Program are provided in the magazine.


In addition, we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document about the program changes which you can download here


If you would like to make a donation to Amaze you can do so here.