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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Including a charity in your will can make a great difference to the lives of others

Gifts left to us in Wills are known as bequests.  Leaving a bequest to Amaze will make a real difference to individuals who are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and to their families.

Your gift, however big or small, is greatly valued and is a significant help in our future planning.

Of course, it should not create financial difficulties for the beneficiaries of your Will – so to ensure this, you can leave what is known as a “Residuary Bequest”, one which ensures that once all other gifts, taxes and debts have been fulfilled, an amount is left to the charity of your choosing. This ensures that you have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are looked after.

Other types of bequest are:

  • A “Pecuniary Bequest”, which is a set dollar amount determined by you when you make or change your Will.
  • A “Specific Bequest” is an item of specific value to be passed on to the charity.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will to Amaze, please let us know. By notifying us of your plans, we are able to discuss how your future gift might be used to maximum benefit, ensuring your intentions are fulfilled.

Thank you for considering leaving a bequest to Amaze.

Should you need any further information please contact our Head of Fundraising on (03) 9657 1611 during business hours.