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Gifts in Memoriam

Give a Gift in Memory of Your Loved One

When a person close to you passes away, you may wish to make a gift to commemorate their life and to pay tribute to something that was important to them.

Leaving a Gift in Memory of your loved one can be a small way for those left behind to honour their memory and provide some consolation at a time of great loss.

Amaze (formerly Autism Victoria)  has benefited from the generosity of many families at this sad time, and if you would like us to be the beneficiary of a “Gift in Memoriam”, either talk to your funeral service and ask them to arrange it for you, or call us on (03) 9657 1611.

Thank you for considering a Gift in Memory of your loved one.

Information for Funeral Homes
You may be asked by families to facilitate gifts in memoriam to Amaze (formerly Autism Victoria): we would be very happy to provide you with the appropriate documents to make this process simple and straightforward for you and for the family. Please call us on 03 9657 1611 or send us an email.