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Celebrating World Autism Awareness Week


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Every year, World Autism Awareness Week is the time for us to come together as a community and celebrate autism, neurodiversity and reflect on the progress we’ve made while still recognising how far we still have to go to create the future we want.


In 2018 World Autism Awareness Week is taking place from 26th to 2nd April. This year we’re focusing on education as 8 out of 10 autistic children still face some kind of difficulty in school. During World Autism Awareness Week we hope you’ll join us in raising funds and awareness and play a part in shaping the future for autism.


We’ve got a few idea about how you can join in:

  • Ask your school to hold a “Dress Up for Autism” day and to use our schools’ kit to dedicate a lesson to understanding autism
  • Host a morning tea or another activity like a raffle at your workplace and raise funds for a great cause
  • Attend Spectrospective and a sensory friendly screening of Peter Rabbit at a cinema on April 2nd

Let us know how you go and please share your success stories with us.