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1 in 100 people in Victoria are on the autism spectrum

Mention autism to anyone and you will rarely get a quizzical response. Most often you will get a thoughtful look, then a smile and something like: ‘Yeah my cousin’s son, my brother’s daughter, my best friend’s child, one of the kids in my daughter’s class … in on the spectrum’

Autism isn’t rare, confined or unusual. It’s part of the world; part of our world.

However, as you know, autistic people face many obstacles throughout their life in education and employment. For more than 50 years, Amaze has been providing emotional support and practical advice to the Victorian autism community. Every day we hear that more needs to be done in schools, workplaces and in the community to ensure that people on the spectrum are not excluded from participating in a world full of understanding and possibility.

Amaze is leading the way in championing the equal participation and contribution of autistic people to society.

Amaze is also working hard to ensure that people with the lived experience of autism are actively engaged and involved in all that we do.

And now more than ever we need more people to come with us on our journey. This is why we have reshaped our Member and Supporter experience. From hereon, we will be communicating with you as Amaze Future Shapers.

As an Amaze Future Shaper your financial support will enable Amaze to continue to:

  • Provide timely and meaningful support and autism advice
  • Guide parents through the complex maze of therpaies and funding options
  • Work with educators to create inclusive laearning environmenta for our children both inside and outside the classroom
  • Develop and distribute relevant information and resources about autism that meet the practical needs of the autistic community
  • Advocate to change government policy to shape the future for autism that our community wants, and that the world needs

By donating to Amaze as an Amaze Future Shaper you will be actively part of shaping a better future for autistic people.

Your support of our work is vital and we look forward to your continued partnership with us in shaping the future for autism.

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