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Amaze Professional Education

Amaze delivers a range of structured and personalised education courses for individuals, services and organisations directly involved in supporting people on the autism spectrum. Our training programs offer:

  • tailored packages suited to your particular needs
  • consultative support prior to, during and after the training
  • ongoing links and assistance on completion of the course

We work with you to understand your specific organisational needs to plan and structure a program.


Training options:

  • half-day session
  • full-day session

These training options are delivered onsite at your location.


Popular training courses include:

Introduction to the Autism Spectrum

This course provides a foundation understanding of the autism spectrum. Participants will learn some key strategies that assist people on the autism spectrum, which participants can integrate into their daily practice. This training covers:

  • What is the autism spectrum
  • Recent changes to the diagnostic criteria
  • Sensory processing differences and the impact these have on people
  • History of autism and its implications on people today
  • Key strategies that can assist people on the autism spectrum, with examples of how they are used
Positive Behaviour Support
This training is recommended for staff teams who are supporting people with behaviours of concern. Positive behaviour support (PBS) is the planned, proactive process of supporting people with behavioural challenges. This training covers:
  • The influence and purpose of behaviour
  • Assessing behaviours of concern
  • Information on how to develop behaviour support plans
  • How to implement and monitor proactive strategies


Other topics may include:

  • Play
  • Developing social scripts
  • Visual supports
For more information on pricing and to enquire about tailored professional training options please contact:
Claire Holden – Business Development Coordinator
Phone: 03 9657 1621