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Melbourne Marathon Festival 2012

Sunday 14 October

The Melbourne Marathon Festival is a very important sporting event on the calendar in Melbourne. It has a mixture of very serious competitors racing towards world records, and those competing for fun, fitness and fundraising.

This year, Richard Bird ran for Amaze wearing around 25kg of mediaeval armour, including a helmet weighing around 10kg. Richard took on the 5.7km run and achieved his goal of under one hour.

Richard and his wife Tracey, are members of the Preussenreise (Prussian Journeys) Mediaeval Club which re-enacts battles from the 14th century Baltic crusades; members take pride in the accuracy of their costumes and other ‘props’, checking historical records to confirm their authenticity.

“I feel that I was born in the wrong era,” says Richard. “I’ve loved mediaeval history all my life and I’d love to have lived in that time – I feel full of energy and life when I have the suit of armour on.”

Richard Bird wearing his mediaeval armour

Richard Bird takes on some of the Amaze staff and rescues a couple of damsels!

Richard decided to raise funds for Autism Spectrum Disorder and says, “This is a great way to stand out.”


Some of the Amaze staff took part in the 10km run and the half marathon including Jo, Fiona, Fran and Nichole.