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LEGO(R) Road-Train Build

Sat 19 and Sun 20 November 2011 

Hundreds of people came through the Lego event over the two days to join in this fun event, put on by the Melbourne Lego User Group (MUG), ASD Aid and Scienceworks, to try to build the longest moving LEGO road train in the world.

The people from MUG had put a huge amount of work into coming up with a design, instructions and LEGO kits so that people could join in and help make trailers and cargo.

Once complete, the trailers were put together to stretch right from one end of the oval to the other from the Pumphouse to the auditorium in the centre of Scienceworks. In total there were 181 trailers stretching 47m in length – which we are claiming as a record!

Research indicates that LEGO play can result in significant gains in social development: the interactive experience of play groups are believed to help improve the social skills of children with an ASD.

We would like to say a big thank you to MUG, ASD Aid and Scienceworks for a terrific event.