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2014 eSpectrum Newsletter Archive

Number  Contents
Special December 2014: Christmas Special – Charity Bid Online; Sensitive Santa; Merchandise for Christmas
Issue 142 December 2014: International day of people with disability; the Other Film Festival; Spectrum Summer; YMCA Escape for adults
Issue 141 November 2014: Free Online ASD course; eVAC; Jennings Street School enrolments; Villa Maria family day
Issue 140 November 2014:eVAC available; Sensitive Santa; Christmas Stocking Raffle; Forum on transition; NDIA annual report
Issue 139 October 2014: ASD friendly Lion King performance; Disability Housing Forum; Santas wanted
Issue 138 October 2014: Mirabella Mountain Fun Run; Amaze survey; Melbourne Marathon; Hear & Share with Lucinda Nolan
Issue 137 September 2014: Mirabella Mountain Fun Run; Amaze survey; YMCA Camp; Hear & Share with Lucinda Nolan
Issue 136 September 2014: I CAN Camp for teens; A Skate; Lesley Hall Scholarship; forum for adults with ASD
Issue 135 August 2014: Online Classroom launched; Respite and carer conference; Melbourne Marathon
Issue 134 August 2014: NDIS Report; Sensory friendly movies; Congratulations Award recipients
Issue 133 July 2014: VAC 2014 – speakers, masterclasses, regional discounts, expo; Spectrum Winter
Issue 132 July 2014: VAC 2014; Lucinda Nolan visits Amaze; Hear & Share with Stephanie Crawford; ESDN Forum
Issue 131 June 2014: ASD Research; Disability Awards; Amaze hiring
Issue 130 June 2014: New Quiet Room at Northlands; relaxed Hansel & Gretel performance; Olga Tennison receives honours
Issue 129  May 2014: New CEO Fiona Sharkie; VAC 2014 Early Bird; NDIS Webinar
Issue 128  May 2014: VAC 2014; Sensory friendly movies; Hear & Share with Donna Williams; Amaze Awards
Issue 127  April 2014: VAC 2014 Speaker Program Announced; Training in Tas; Spectrum Winter issue out now
Issue 126  April 2014: WAAD; Entertainment Book; I CAN Camp;
Issue 125  April 2014: WAAD Special
 Issue 124  March 2014: Amaze Awards Nominations; VAC 2014 call for posters; NDIS webinar; Research
Issue 123 March 2014: VAC 2014, WAAD, sensory friendly movies, Amaze Awards
Issue 122 Feb 2014: Breaking NEWS: World Autism Awareness Day Melbourne at Luna Park
Issue 121 Feb 2014:Awards for Service to ASD Community; New High-Tech Opp; Visual Support Workshop Dates; Connect14 Conference; New App ‘Out & About’
Issue 120 Jan 2014: Represent the ASD Community; Vic Police Here to Help; Visual Support Master Class; Break Thru Survey; Radio Training + Much More!
Issue 119  Jan 2014: Abstracts Open for VAC 2014; Sensory Friendly Movies; Surfing for Disability; Inclusive Drama; ASD Parents and Registered Training
Issue 120 Jan 2014: Represent the ASD Community; Vic Police Here to Help; Visual Support Master Class; Break Thru Survey; Radio Training + Much More!

2013 eSpectrum Newsletter Archive

Number Contents
Issue 118 Organisations Complete Certification; LEGO Fans Unite; Office & Family Counselling Opening Times; Book Review
Issue 117 The I Can Network; More Sensitive Santa at Highpoint; New Dates for Amaze Training; SASI Live Talk; Holiday Time Info Sheets
Issue 116 International Day of People with Disability 3 Dec; Sensitive Santa in Town; Christmas Cards; Parenting on the Spectrum; VAC ’14
Issue 115 Sensitive Santa is Back; Disability Self Help Grants; Amaze Info Sessions; Sensory Friendly Films; The Lab PhD Project
Issue 114 Ethical Buying Promotion; ASD Research Forum; Position Vacant; Have Your Say; Free Teacher PD; Amaze Training Nationally Recognised
Issue 113 Federal Minister Visits Amaze; Research Forum Speakers Announced; Sensory Friendly Films; Ethical Buying Special Offer Plus Much More!
Issue 112 Behaviour Support Plan workshop; Melbourne Marathon; FREE Kathy Lette talk; Research Forum; sensory-friendly movies
Issue 111 ASD Research Forum; BIG Weekend; BSP Toolkit Forum; Sad farewell; New Consultancy Package; opportunities and events
Issue 110 Launch of TherapyConnect; Hear & Share; Research Forum; RTO Training; sensory friendly ‘Despicable Me 2′; Education forum; Melbourne Marathon; BIG Weekend; Age artilce; Amaze library; Events
Issue 109  BIG Weekend; DCA Reference Group; Family Info Session; Positions Vacant; Father’s Day; Film Project; Hear & Share; Amaze Library; Events
Issue 108 August 2013: APAC 13; sensory-friendly ‘Epic’ screenings; ‘Get Me About’; Spectrum Magazine Advertising; Entertainment Book; Info Sheets, ‘What about me’ book for siblings
Issue 107 July 2013: Support groups; Entertainment Books; New ‘Lab’ opens; Run Melbourne outcome; Congratulations Don!; Access Officers; events and more!
Issue 106 July 2013: Amaze wins Victoria Day Award; English Channel Swim for Autism; Run Melbourne; Family Counsellor Position
Issue 105 June 2013: National Disability Awards; Reporting Crime Survey; Call for Adult Sibs; APAC 2013; USB Project Call for Input
Issue 104 June 2013: Sensory Friendly Films are Back; Join and WIN; OTARC Research Forum; Wheeler Centre Debates Over-Diagnosis
Issue 103 May 2013: Run Melbourne; Oscars100; Disability Care News; Extended Families New Volunteer Program;  Entertainment Book
Issue 102 May 2013 – DisabilityCare update; volunteer thank you; A Still Jacket premiere; position vacant; Amaze membership promotion; Info Session; Community of Practice; lucky winners; library news
Issue 101 May 2013 – Big Weekend; Transport Survey; Training; WAAD pictures; Rob McNamara exhibition; Research projects; great gift; APAC early bird; Early Days workshps
Issue 100 April 2013 – Happy 100th issue! WAAD report, Sensory friendly movies; Entertainment Book Launch; Early Days workshops; Spectrum deadlines; Position vacant; Library news
Issue 99 April 2013 – World Autism Awareness Day
Issue 98 April 2013 – World Autism Awareness Day, Community of Practice, Info Sessions
Issue 97 March 2013 – NDIS is named; WAAD coming soon; mental health symposium call for papers
Issue 96 March 2013 – World Autism Awareness Day Special Edition
Issue 95 February 2013 – Breakthrough Research Funding Granted; Giants of the Bay; Corporate Support for World Autism Awareness Day; Volunteers Needed and more!
Issue 94 February 2013 – World Autism Awareness Day 7 April; New Evening Info Sessions; Translated Video Resource; Amaze Educators; ASD Research Projects
Issue 93 January 2013 – Sensory Friendly Movies; World Autism Awareness Day; Community Sector Awards; DSM-5 Webinar; BioAutism Conference; Online Resources
Issue 92 January 2013 – State Disability Plan; Brickvention; Registered Training; Supporting Differences In Schools; Accreditation; ASD Events
Issue 91 January 2013 – Welcome 2013; ASD Accredited Training; ASD Community of Practice Event; Early Days Workshops Begin; Events Calendar

2012 eSpectrum Newsletter Archives

Number Contents
Issue 90 December 2012 – Farewell 2012; Position Vacant; Tertiary Support; 2013 Program Dates; Registered Training; Holiday Hours; ASD Events
Issue 89 December 2012 – Amaze Christmas Cards; ASD Diagnosis News; Ethical Buying; NDIS Draft Legislation; Festive Trading; ASD Events
Issue 88 November 2012 – Sensitive Santa; Deloitte IMPACT Day; Fun with Lego; Victorian Autism Conference DVD; ASD Events
Issue 87 November 2012 – Sensory Friendly Films; City 2 Sea; Puberty Info Session; Early Days Workshops; ASD Events
Issue 86 October 2012 – Research Forum filling fast; volunteers – please help!; The Spectrum ad bookings now open; Variety Christmas Party; interest groups
Issue 85 Ocotober 2012 – ASD Research Forum; Mental Health Week; Sensory friendly movies; Training; Free info sessions; Spectrum deadlines
Issue 84 September 2012 – ASD Research Forum, spot the Knight, Margot Prior Wing news, TOCAN, Book of the week, SAAIF update, Early Days and Certified training
Issue 83 September 2012 – Sensory-friendly movies; free SAAIF membership; workshop on transportation; BIG Weekend bookings open; the Other Film Festival; events
Issue 82 August 2012 – Sensory friendly movies! The BIG Weekend; New in the Library; Certified Training to Improve your Skills; Provide media comment; Events
Issue 81 August 2012 – VAC 2012, The BIG Weekend, Change the Criteria, ASD events
Issue 80 August 2012 – VAC next week! Grant’s Channel Attempt; Spring Spectrum deadlines; Movie News; Library Update; Can you help with accommodation?
Issue 79 July 2012 – VAC approaching; Run Melbourne; Richard Bird runs in armour; sibling event survey; online sales now live; events.
Issue 78 July 2012 – Channel swim attempt, Movie passes, Meet the poet, Medical payment, Run Melbourne, Sensory-friendly movies, ASD Events
Issue 77 June 2012 – Disability Plan for comment; VAC update, sensory friendly movies; meet the author, Run Melbourne
Issue 76 June 2012 – Comment on draft national standards; find out about ABLES; FESTofALL for carers; events and more
Issue 75 Special VAC 2012 Issue
Issue 74 May 2012 – VAC Early Bird and posters close next week, Entertainment Books on sale, Paralympic Talent Search
Issue 73 May 2012 – Response to State Budget, WAAD art competition, Nurturing Children resource, Spectrum Magazine
Issue 72 April 2012 – Entertainment Books available, parent focus groups, WAAD video, VAC sponsorship closing, events
Issue 71 April 2012 – Information session, Apex grants, public transport briefing, NDIS rally, research updates and events
Issue 70 April 2012 – Victorian Autism Conference, Absconding resource, Entertainment Books, NDIS rally, ASD events
Issue 69 World Autism Awareness Day Special Edition
Issue 68 March 2012 – WAAD, ASD playgroups, new advocacy group, public transport ombudsman
Issue 67 March 2012 – Giants of the Bay, WAAD, volunteers needed, and more…
Issue 66 February 2012 - an update for the Autism Spectrum Disorder Community
Issue 65 January Special Edition
Issue 64 January 2012 – an update for the Autism Spectrum Disorder Community






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