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Run Melbourne 2012

Run Melbourne

Sunday 15 July 2012

The Age Run Melbourne is a charity fun run where the majority of people taking part of running for a cause – either to raise funds or to increase awareness about their chosen charity. As a result, the run is very meaningful for many present.

Run Melbourne has been going since 1994 and has grown from around 6,000 runners in the first year to over 20,000 in 2011 and in total raised over $1.2M for charities in 2011. We have had tremendous support in this run and are very grateful to all of the participants – and to their sponsors. In this year’s run, there were 90 people running for Amaze.

Some people run primarily to raise funds whilst others run to raise awareness - both are fantastic reasons to get involved. Here are some of this year’s runners…

 Wendy Townsend with Jack I’m Wendy Townsend: I am aiming to raise $5000.00, a big number, but not as big as those affected by an ASD.My son is 9 and has Asperger’s. I am lucky that he attends Western Autistic School in Laverton and is doing really well: he will integrate back into mainstream later this year hopefully. After being exposed to the environment at Western Autistic, and the parents of low functioning children, I felt compelled to do something to raise more awareness. Autism Victoria was my first port of call once my son was diagnosed and the seminars I attended reassured me that all would be ok somehow. Thank you for providing such a supportive organisation and giving us as parents hope for our beautiful and amazing children. Amaze is so apt. Visit Wendy’s page
 Sean Fox My name is Sean Fox: in 2007 I found out that I am one of many people on the Autism Spectrum who have been diagnosed and live with Asperger’s Syndrome. As such I have always maintained a keen interest in matters pertaining to ASD; last year I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Aspie Activist John Elder Robison at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival and I even hope to publish a novel relating to Asperger’s Syndrome myself!
I’m a general information geek, I enjoy writing but I also enjoy running long distance! So, I thought it would be a great idea to help raise awareness for the Autism Spectrum and support a hard-working organisation like Autism Victoria by running in this year’s half-marathon category of the “Run Melbourne” event.
Thank You! Visit Sean’s page
 Sarah Todd I’m Sarah Todd – I’m a New Zealander, and have recently moved to Melbourne following a few years living in the UK. My younger sister Katie was diagnosed with Autism during late childhood. The diagnosis was late in coming due to other other special needs, including being completely deaf and very limited vision. Despite all of this, at 24 years of age she is leading a fulfilled and happy life, living independantly with support. She is a real character and we love her loads. Certainly all the support she and we have received over the years from organisations like Amaze has helped her defy so many early medical predictions and reach beyond her potential. Visit Sarah’s page
 Steve Honey Steve Honey: Why am I supporting Autism Vic? I have a very good friend who has child with Autism Spectrum Disorder – so helping you is helping him, his wife and children. Visit Steve’s page
 Richard's sons My name is Richard Winneke & I have 3 beautiful boys (Thomas, Harry & Charlie). One of my sons is on the spectrum.
Last year I raised just over $13,000 for Autism Victoria & my objective this year is to raise more than last year(& run a quick time for the 10k race ). Visit Richard’s page
 Annie Knight My name is Annie Knight and my 31 year old, older brother has autism, so of course, I am nominating Autism Victoria – Amaze – for reasons close to my heart. Raising funds to assist in improving the quality of life for families, carers and most importantly those with the disorder inspires me, and hopefully inspires other siblings to jump on board! :) Visit Annie’s page
 Kim with Hal, son Jazz and daughter Luxe Kim Young: 6 years ago our son Jazz was diagnosed with severe Autism, he is now 8 years old, is still non verbal but is a very happy and lovely little boy. We were devastated at the news of his ASD diagnosis and did not know where to turn. Autism Victoria was our first port of call and we were given such wonderful support, advice and information that we felt we wanted to give back somehow. I have registered a team and am running 10km in the Run Melbourne fun run 15th July 2012. I have set up a team called ‘Running for Jazz’ and a sponsorship page to raise funds for Autism Victoria. Visit Kim’s page.
 Ruby's Run Ruby’s Run (from left Kerrie Robinson, Laura Birch, Rachael Scoble and Angela Gatt).We decided to run for Autism Victoria as it is a subject very close to our hearts and we would like to try and raise more awareness and understanding of this disorder. Visit The Ruby’s Run Team Page.
 Lisa Mann My name is Lisa Mann. This year I will debut my ‘shuffling style’ (over 10km) to raise funds for Autism. I am a teacher and work with many children and families who live with this developmental condition. I have two incredible friends who have boys on the ASD spectrum. They work tirelessly every day to help improve the lives of their children. They are an inspiration to me! By participating in the run, I am hoping to help them and many others by raising awareness as well as funds for resources, education and research. Thank you to AMAZE for the wonderful work that you do! Visit Lisa’s page
 Natasha Bunshaw - Run Melbourne Natasha Bunshaw: I have chosen this organisation as my oldest cousin Mark is affected by autism. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 years old and I have seen both Mark and his family struggle with the impacts of autism for all of his life. Mark turns 17 years old this year however due to his inability to speak and also being globally delayed, he will always have to be cared for throughout his life. Autism Victoria aims to improve the quality of life for people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, their family and carers in the state of Victoria. Fundraising for this cause is just one small way I would like to contribute to giving Mark and others like him the chance of a better future. Visit Natasha’s Page
 Jodi Haartsen - Running Melbourne Jodi Haartsen: Inspired by my friend who has a child with a spectrum disorder, this year I decided to join him and team up to do the Run Melbounre half marathon for Autism Victoria and try and fundraise for them. I am in awe of the love and courage of parents with kids who have spectrum disorders who face much greater challenges than a half marathon! I have friends who are teachers, teachers aids and health care workers in caring for families and kids with spectrum disorders and have seen and hear just how much early intervention and ongoing support make a difference. So I hope I can just make a small difference. I will probably be coming last in the run, but I will just keep plodding along. I just want to go the distance for those who have to go the distance all the time! Visit Jodi’s page
Enza Sevior Enza Sevior: I’m running in the Run Melbourne so that I can give a little back to this amazing organization AMAZE. When my son was first  diagnosed with Aspergers earlier this year, the staff at AMAZE were so friendly and helpful at a time when I needed answers and support. They not only help children on the spectrum, but help their families cope as well. Visit Enza’s Page
  Hi my name is Sam McLean. Through my occupation as a Health and Fitness consultant I was fortunate to meet a young man, Alex, who has Autism. Alex is a very independent person and his undertaking of our fitness sessions together is a great example of this. It’s always a highlight of my week training with Alex. I have a passion for running which I have shared with Alex, who is now part of a local running club and participating in races regularly. This has been great for not only his fitness, but more importantly his social development. I understand the importance of organisations such as Amaze and the wonderful work they do in supporting those effected with Autism. I hope by running the Half Marathon at Run Melbourne I can help raise awareness and much needed fundraising for Amaze,which in turn will assist those that may be affected by Autism. Alex is running in the 10k event so I can’t wait to cheer him on at the finish line! Visit Sam’s page.
Hi, I’m Michelle Harris. I have two beautiful daughters Brianna on the left has Autism and was diagnosed luckily at an early age (18 months) thanks to our paeditrician. Brianna at the start was diagnosed as moderate to severe, but with a lot of early intervention and with the help of Autism Victoria, Brianna is now attending school with her sister and is now high functioning, loving school with and doing great.I hope everyone can get behind Autism Victoria and raise lots of money for our kids with super powers of Autism – it’s a fantastic cause. My other daughter Patricia is raising some money as well and is doing the kids 3km walk/run on the Saturday before and I am very proud of her for wanting to raise some money for Autism Victoria. Visit Michelle’s page
Jo Lynch - Run Melbourne Hi I’m Jo Lynch. I decided to support you guys because I have a couple of friends who have kids that have Autism or Autism tendency’s. I know the struggle they go through to get the help and support they need. Anything I can do to help is my pleasure. Visit Jo’s page 
Stephanie Greenslade: I have been running for the passed 5/6 years, each year improving from the last & setting the goal/distance higher & higher. This is my half marathon no.5 that I am doing in July, & whilst last year the charity I chose to fund raise for, was an international charity, this year I decided to go with a charity locally. Whilst I have a cousin in France who has “down sydrome”, Autism Victoria was the charity that I chose..I have set  a targe tof $500, & so far, have reached $270…so I’m hoping with a couple of emails around work(past & present) & through facebook, I will be able to reach my target.My bib #21591(yellow), so for all people wanting to come & watch from 7am onwards to cheer us all on, that would be GREAT! Look forward to seeing everyone there on the day! Rock On!! Visit Stephanie’s page


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