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Run Melbourne 2011

Run Melbourne


Run Melbourne is a wonderful event put on by The Age each year specifically to enable people to run or walk to raise funds for their chosen charity.

In 2011we had about 50 people running for Autism Victoria who raised over $23,000!


Yumi Stynes  I am doing the Run Melbourne 10km race because it’s an exhilarating challenge!  I did it last year and found it so satisfying, so enjoyable and it really gave me a sense of being part of a large, joyful and active community.  To do Run Melbourne you have to nominate a charity – this year I chose Autism Victoria because I have two primary-school age daughters and in almost every class they’ve had since day care there’s been a a child with ASD in one or both of their classes. Autism awareness is a cause close to my heart and I’m honored to be raising money for Autism Victoria.
Peter Hanlon I’m a senior sports writer at The Age, and my association with Autism Victoria began when one of my seven-year-old twins, Archie, was diagnosed as being on the spectrum (he has Asperger’s Syndrome). Anything that can help to further unlock autism’s mystery and find a smoother path through the maze can only be a good thing.
Nicole Lett 


I am the mother of two young sons Hamish, 5 and William, 2. Hamish was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 and a half years. Whilst we suspected he had ASD at an earlier age, the day he was formally diagnosed was nonetheless extremely difficult.Through early intervention and all sorts of other therapies, too numerous to mention (speech, occupational, psychology, paediatrics…) as well as all the work we put in at home to further his progress, he has made some huge gains but still requires significant and sustained support.I took up running in 2010, with encouragement from my sister. I not only find it a great form of exercise but it’s also a great stress breaker! I would now like to put my feet into action and fundraise for Autism Victoria by undertaking Run Melbourne 2011 to help raise the profile of ASD and support families affected by it.
Libby Mansour As a mother of two young boys, it is amazing how many lives are touched by autism. My 4 year old nephew Fred has autism and raising money for autism is something very close to my heart.
Sue Camilleri I am running for a family member who has been affected by Autism, so I am going to try my best for him.
Lisa Cotton I teach swimming to Primary school children and I have the pleasure of witnessing that precious moment in a child’s life when they first learn to swim. For the many children on the autism spectrum who I teach,  that moment of independence is all the more joyous.I decided to support Autism Victoria in recognition of my friends who dedicate their lives to raising their beautiful son who has Asperger’s.
Lynne Page I live on the Mornington Peninsula and have been running for a couple of years now and participating in a few fun runs. I thought it would be worthwhile to try and raise funds for a charity. I picked Autism Victoria because I know a couple of families who have a child with autism and who benefit from this organisation.
Autism Victoria staff Joanne, Fiona, Fran & Gary, Rhi, Stacey and Eliza will all be taking part in the Run – we all have daily contact with individuals with ASDs and their families and we want to show our support for them and to help improve awareness.We’ll all be wearing blue Tshirts so if you’re going to be there, look out for us and give us a shout.


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