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Amaze is an incorporated association with Public Benevolent Institution income tax exemption and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

Amaze is governed and led by a Board of Directors who are directly elected by our members at our AGM, normally held in November.

Board positions are held for three years on a rotational basis after which a board member must be re-elected. At each AGM three board positions become vacant. Amaze members are welcomed to stand or nominate qualified candidates for these roles up to 2 months before the next AGM.

According to the Amaze constitution only current members can stand for a board position and vote for board members and other motions at the AGM. Members can vote, either in person or online, although there must be a quorum of 20 members present.

Amaze’s community, Autistic people and their families, is at the heart of all we do, therefore it’s vital as part of living this ethos that members of our community are able and are active in this important process to determine who sits on Amaze’s Board of Governors.

Becoming a member of Amaze is now easier than ever before and is only $10. Just click here and follow the instructions. You’ll receive a confirmation. 10-12 weeks before the AGM you’ll receive a formal invitation and information on which positions are due for renewal. For a copy of this form you can print and post in please click here

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If you wish to get in touch with any board member, please forward an email to them c/- the Amaze CEO, to or to contact the Chair for additional information for prospective Board candidates via: