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Events Calendar

Autism Victoria trading as Amaze provides this Event Calendar to give families, individuals and professionals an opportunity to attend and find out more about topic-specific areas and interventions related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most events listed are paid advertisements and are independent of Autism Victoria trading as Amaze. Autism Victoria trading as Amaze does not endorse or support any therapies or practices that are not based on robust or well-established scientific research, but will advertise a range of events to allow individuals, families and professionals to gain information that will assist in broadening their knowledge base to make informed choices about therapies and interventions. Only those events delivered by Autism Victoria trading as Amaze have the organisation's endorsement.

Towards a Better Life See details

Date(s) 13 March until 14 March
Venue Name Box Hill Town Hall
Event Organiser Belonging Matters

Autism NDIS Information Session, Warrnambool, Tuesday 14 March 2019 (Free!) See details

Date(s) 14 March
Venue Name Warrnambool Special Developmental School
Event Organiser Amaze