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VAC 2014 – Presentations

Some of the presenters at the recent VAC 2014 have kindly made their presentations available to download:


Thursday 7 August 2014:

Nicole Rinehart – Sleeping Sound

Dr Louise Ford - Enhancing Self-Esteem and Self-Identity in the Child with ASD

Rebecca Kelly - From diagnosis to the airwaves

Prof Tony Attwood - The benefits of having a special interest

Dr Lori Ernsperger - Girls under the umbrella of ASD

Dr Kristelle Hudry - Autism and Bilingualism

Prof Tony Attwood - Friendships and romantic experiences

Stephanie Crawford - A Direct Approach to the Development of Pragmatic Language


Friday 8 August 2014:

Prof Andrew Whitehouse - Autism Science and the Media

Prof Andrew Whitehouse - Complementary and alternative therapies for autism

Dr Chris Chapparo - Sensory Processing and Autism

Christine Edmonds - Where do I start. What should I focus on.

Elaine Mellotte - Reinforcement – making it work

Prof Karen Stagnitti - Play Intervention and Children with ASD

Susanne Nelson and Jaye Van Klavern - A five-stage intervention process to make it a successful transition for the whole team

Kathy Havers - Kathy Havers Conference Presentation August 2014

Gayle Vermont - Intimacy and sex in Aspie relationship

Mark & Leanne Hogan - Healing an ASD marriage

Lyndel Kennedy - Aspergers at school – strategies for secondary school