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Corporate Awareness

Amaze Knowledge is proud to be the first organisation to offer corporate disability awareness training in Australia.

Participating in this training is a significant step for your organisation, demonstrating that you respect and acknowledge the needs of all people. It would equip your employees with improved skills and give your customers confidence in doing business with you.

We provide two modules of corporate awareness disability training:



Customer Focus

Where individuals and families with disabilities are the customers of your organisation.

  • Develops disability awareness so that staff can better understand customer needs and be better equipped to assist them.
  • Provides the skills for staff to recognise the traits and characteristics of customers with a disability and learn how to approach them with respect and dignity.
  • Combines disability training, customer service knowledge and the understanding of corporate needs into a comprehensive, enjoyable and informative group training session.

Staff and Management Focus

Improving management awareness and support within the organisation for employment diversity.

  • Improves awareness of the needs of diverse staff members and helps bring about their inclusion.
  • Equips management with the skills to better acknowledge, support and celebrate the attributes of all individuals, including those with a disability, and to understand their needs in the workplace.
  • Provides effective identification and communication strategies to improve the management of staff needs.

Amaze Knowledge offers engaging, dynamic and participant-focused corporate awareness training to enhance organisational outcomes through effective support of all employees.


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