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Charity Bid Australia supporting Amaze

Amaze, in conjunction with Charity Bid Australia, are offering you the chance to score some a-mazing bargains!

The Charity Bid website enables everyday people like yourself to really make a difference in the ASD Community! By purchasing merchandise from the Charity Bid website you are helping to support Amaze, who help support you!

Charity Bid offer a wide range of books, toys and apparel for you to choose from. Prices are affordable, and some special items offer you the chance to scoop up one off bargains that you will not find anywhere else!

Charity Bid auctions are user friendly, and the website is easy to navigate. This makes purchasing simple and relatively hassle free no matter what your level of technological capability!

Click here to indulge in the Charity Bid experience for yourself! All proceeds go directly to your chosen charity.

Charity Bid