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Amaze Knowledge – Learning & Education

Amaze offers a variety of learning opportunities for the community.

Amaze Knowledge now offers certified training across Australia

Amaze is able to provide a great range of workshops, courses, information sessions and other training opportunities: it is one of the most important activities that we carry out and we are committed to providing accurate, helpful, cost-effective learning opportunities to suit all needs.





Amaze Knowledge Live Webinars 

Amaze Knowledge delivers autism training to organisations, community groups, employers, those working with children, adults and the general public.

We are now offering online webinars to:

  • Support staff
  • Professionals
  • Teachers
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 Professional Education

Amaze Knowledge delivers a range of structured and personalised education courses for individuals, services and organisations directly involved in supporting people and their families with ASD and associated needs.

Topics may include:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Communication
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Play
  • Sensory processing
  • Person centered planning
  • Organisation-specific practice

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Corporate Disability Awareness Training

The Amaze Knowledge provides corporate disability awareness training:

  • Customer Focus: to enable staff to assist individuals with a disability where these individuals are customers of the organisation. This helps your staff recognise the characteristics of an individual with a disability and learn how to assist them respectfully and with dignity.
  • Staff and Management Focus: to improve staff and management awareness and support of diversity in the workplace. This improves inclusion for diverse staff members and helps to provide a positive workplace where differences are understood and respected.

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Workshops & Other Resources

From time to time, we have the opportunity to put on one-off workshops with visiting experts and professionals, often from overseas.

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