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The HCWA Provider Panel

Accessing Early Intervention Services – Service Provider Panel

Melbourne Metropolitan Grampians Region
Hume Region Barwon South/West Region
Loddon – Mallee Region Gippsland Region

Click on the links above to see the list of professionals in your region with whom you can use the HCWA funding.

The Provider Panel is a list of therapists who have chosen to register with the Department of Social Services and participate in the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) program. All approved panel providers have been through a Department of Social Services application and selection process, and should appear on the government website and on the lists below.

If youProvider Panel list - to be used in conjunction with FaHCSIA's list are currently working with a therapist who is not on the list, it is worth asking them if they are a member of the HCWA provider panel. New therapists join the program all the time and sometimes therapists may have joined the program since the list was last updated.

The Victorian Autism Advisor team have reformatted the government’s official Provider Panel List to make it possible for families to see at a glance what services are available near to them. It should be noted that both lists should be consulted to make sure families have as much information as possible. Whereas the Amaze version of the information is presented simply, the government’s version contains more detail, including fee schedules.

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