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Using the HCWA Funding

A rough guide to the FaHCSIA funding

Your Autism Advisor will tell you about the funding When your Autism Advisor has processed your application, they will contact you to organise a time to discuss the funding, and answer any questions you might have. You can meet with your Autism Advisor in person, or arrange a telephone consultation if this is easier.
Letter of Introduction Your Autism Advisor will send you a Letter of Introduction – you could consider the letter your “ticket” to using the funding. You take this letter with you to your registered HCWA therapist/s and they will make a copy. They can then begin billing the government directly for any services provided through the HCWA funding.
Spending the funding

In total, you have a maximum of $12,000 to spend on early intervention services. You cannot spend more than $6,000 in any financial year (from 1 July to 30 June each year). You have access to the funding until the day before your child’s seventh birthday, unless you spend your funding before then.

 Child and therapist You can only use the funding with speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists (and sometimes specialist teachers or intervention workers) who have been approved by the government. You can find the official list of providers at Department of Social Service’s website.The Victorian Autism Advisor team has simplified list for families that gives a breakdown of services by suburb. This list should be used in conjunction with the government’s official list, but is useful for finding out which providers offer services near you. Click here to view the list for your region.
 Phone the AA team Your Autism Advisor is your point of contact for any questions you have about the funding for the entire time you have access to the package, and you can call or email your Autism Advisor at any time. Your Autism Advisor’s details are on the Letter of Introduction that was sent to you.
 FaHCSIA will send your monthly Family Activity Statement It is important to keep track of how much of your funding you have spent so that you know when you are reaching your limit of $6,000 per financial year. You will also receive a monthly statement from the government (called an Activity Statement) so you can keep track of how much of your funding you have spent and how much you have remaining. If you have provided an email address, this will automatically be emailed to you, otherwise it will be posted to your mailing address.
 You can spend 35% on equipment  If your provider feels that a particular piece of equipment or a resource is important to your child’s therapy, they can purchase this equipment using your child’s funding if you agree. You can spend up to 35% of the funding in this way. It is important to remember that you can only spend your funding on equipment if your provider feels it is important to the therapy goals.
Visit our Useful HCWA Resources page for further information about the HCWA package. We have a video presentation to help explain the funding as well as a booklet for families jam-packed with information about accessing the funding, tapping into other resources and assistance, and what to do after the funding runs out.


To view the list of service providers approved by the DSS, please click here